End of the week start of the life

Who are you reporting to?

My life seems to be a travel with too many characters. Some of them comes too often, for example Selfeducation comes every week and ask “What did you learn this time?”. And if your answer is “nothing”, then he looks at you, it is that kind of look when you feel really uncomfortable and sorry, as if you did something bad. This moment seems to last forever. But you know he is right, even he says nothing, you know what he thinks about, you know that next week you have to be better.


Nice picture

Imagine if in your life was nothing bad. There were no bad people, no bad situations. Everything were perfect, one could do everything from the first try. It seems to be the picture of perfect world, but is it possible to be picture of boring world? World where every task is easy and simple…

So its first one

Its always odd to start something new… Some said “There is a will there is a way”. So lets start this fun journey to better version of myself. So real reason of this blog is to improve self expressing skill.

p.s. 200 in name somehow connected with internet guess how! 😉